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Season 2017/2018

  • Der Zigeunerbaron

    Der Zigeunerbaron

    Music leader Maciej Figas

    Directed by Janina Niesobska

    Choreography Janina Niesobska

    Set designer/costume designer Maria Balcerek

    Light designer Bogumił Palewicz

    Choir master Henryk Wierzchoń


    next term: thursday 2017-11-23 start 19:00

    Date of ticket sales: monday 2015-03-23
    The poster by Wiesław Rosocha.
    Hector Berlioz "La Damnation de Faust". Directed by Maciej Prus. Music Leader   Michał Klauza Associate   Grzegorz...
    next term: saturday 2017-12-09 start 19:00
  • The New Year Concert

    The New Year Concert
    Music leader Maciej Figas Directed by Sebastian Gonciarz Choreography Iwona Runowska Set /costume designer Mariusz Napierała Chorus...
    next term: monday 2018-01-01 start 17:00
  • Die Csárdásfürstin

    The poster by Michał Batory

    The operetta by Emmerich Kálmán.

    Premiere : 26th April 2014.

    next term: friday 2018-01-12 start 12:00
  • The Nutcracker

    The poster by Adam Pekalski.

     Щелкунчик / Casse-Noisette / The Nutcracker

    The ballet by Peter Tchaikovsky.

    Choreography by Paul Chalmer.

    Music Leader   Maciej Figas

    Set Designer   Mariusz Napierała

    Costume Desiner   Agata Uchman

    Light Designer   Jordan Tuinman

    Assistant of Ballet Master   Małgorzata Chojnacka

    Chorus Master   Henryk Wierzchoń


    next term: friday 2017-12-01 start 19:00

    The poster by Tomasz Bogusławski

    Pietro Mascagni (1863-1945)


    Ruggiero Leoncavallo (1857-1919)


    Premiere: 26th October 2013.

    Music leader: Wojciech Rajski.

    Directed by: Andrzej Bubień.

    Set designer: Anita Bojarska.

    Choreography: Jarosław Staniek.

    Chorus master: Henryk Wierzchoń.

    next term: saturday 2018-01-27 start 19:00

    Poster by MIeczysław Czerniawski

    The opera by Giuseppe Verdi.


    Music leader: Simca Heled (USA), Maciej Figas

    Directed by Bodo Igesz (USA)

    Set designer Łucja Kossakowska

    Choreography Vladimir Hlinskikh

    Choir master Henryk Wierzchoń

    Premiere on 19th September 1998

    Duration: 2h45'

    next term: saturday 2018-02-03 start 19:00
  • My Fair Lady

    Poster by Rafał Olbiński

    Music leader Maciej Figas

    Directed by Maciej Korwin

    Set designer Jerzy Rudzki

    Costume designer Barbara Ptak

    Choreography Joanna Semeńczuk

    Choir master Henryk Wierzchoń

    Soloists,Ballet, Choir,Orchestra of Opera Nova.

    Premiere: 20th September 2008

    The english libretto is projected above the stage.


    next term: thursday 2018-02-08 start 19:00

    The poster by Mariusz Napierała

    The opera by Antonin Dvořák.

    Music leader   Maciej Figas

    Directed by     Kristina Wuss

    Set designer    Mariusz Napierała

    Choreography Iwona Runowska


    Soloists, Ballet, Choir, Orchestra of Opera Nova


    Premiere: 28th April 2012.


    From 14th April we do not have any performances, because there are preparations and rehersals for „Rusalka”, the opera which is going to inaugurate the XIX Bydgoszcz Opera Festival.


    next term: saturday 2018-02-17 start 19:00
  • Magic Toys

    poster by Mariusz Napierała

    The ballet for children.

    next term: wednesday 2018-02-21 start 16:00

    Poster by Sławomir Żerdzicki

    The opera by Gioacchino Rossini.


    Music leader Włodzimierz Szymański

    Directed by Sławomir Żerdzicki

    Set designer Jadwiga Jarosiewicz

    Choir master Henryk Wierzchoń

    Soloists, Choir and Orchestra of Opera Nova

    Premiere on 12th October 2002

    Duration: 2h45'

    next term: saturday 2018-02-24 start 19:00

    Poster by Wiesław Wałkuski

    Manru is the only opera written by Paderewski. It tells the story of a gypsy fellow who marries a Polish woman, taking on symbolic reference to culture clashes throughout Poland and Europe. Its three acts are set to the libretto by Alfred Nossig, based on Józef Ignacy Kraszewski novel Chata za wsią  / A Hut Beyond the Village. The premiere production took place in Dresden on the 29th of May 1901 and traveled Europe's capitals then graced the stage of the Metropolitan Opera House in New York City in 1902.

    Music leader Maciej Figas

    Directed by Laco Adamik

    Set designer Milan David

    Choreography Janina Niesobska

    Choir master Henryk Wierzchoń

    next term: saturday 2018-03-03 start 19:00

    The poster by Tomasz Bogusławski

    The opera by Giuseppe Verdi.

    next term: friday 2018-03-09 start 19:00


    The opera by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.


    Music leader: Dirk Vermeulen

    Directed by Matthias Remus

    Set designer Stephan Dietrich

    Choir master Henryk Wierzchoń

    Soloists, Choir,Orchestra of Opera Nova

    Premiere on 2nd May 2006

    Duration: 2h45'

    next term: saturday 2018-03-17 start 19:00

    Poster by Michał Batory.

    The opera by Giacomo Puccini.


    Music leader Andrzej Knap

    Directed by Maciej Prus

    Set designer Paweł Wodziński

    Costume designer Jagna Janicka

    Choir master Henryk Wierzchoń

    Soloists, Choir,Orchestra of Opera Nova.

    Children's Choir.

    Premiere on 30th April 2011


    next term: saturday 2018-03-24 start 19:00
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