20th of February:

We will begin to sell tickets to our May performances! 


1. Ticket prices - large auditorium 

1.1   Operettas and musicals: 

1st places PLN 130, reduced price PLN 100; 

2nd places PLN 100,  reduced price   PLN 80; 

3rd places  PLN 80, reduced price   PLN 60. 

Tickets (without seats): PLN 50 


1.2   Operas and ballets: 

1st places PLN 110, reduced price PLN 80; 

2nd places PLN 90, reduced price  PLN 60;   

3rd places PLN 70,  reduced price PLN 50. 

Tickets (without seats): PLN 40


I places include: entire sector B and sector D, row I; 
II places include: entire sectors E, F, G, sectors A and C, rows I to IX, sector D, rows II to IV; 
III places include: sectors A and C rows from X to XIII, sector D rows from V to VII. 


2. Ticket prices - chamber hall (one price zone applies) 

2.1  Children's shows: normal ticket PLN 50; reduced ticket PLN 30; 
2.2  Other performances: regular ticket PLN 80; reduced ticket PLN 50; 
3. Gift card - PLN 120. 

Ticket prices include 8% VAT.